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These sites/people really helped out with my site in one way or the other so I had to thank them in some way. All of these sites/groups are wonderful and highly recommend visiting them all. Thank you all!

Clear Reflections (
This site belongs to my good friend Rei. She has helped me make transparent GIFs, make pictures, fade pics, and other stuff that I can't do cuz I didn't have PSP when I first started making my site.^_^ I don't know how to thank her enough because she never forgot what I asked her to do and her work is very well done! Thanx on behalf of Total Venus Destination and myself!

SailorMoonRules Egroup (
This is an egroup I joined with 1300+ people in it. It's a wonderful egroup with great people who help you in every way they can. I really appriciate all the replies I got everytime I asked for something. I've asked them to send me certain pictures of Sailor Venus/Minako, and I've received some great replies. Thanks again minna-san! You guyz are the best and this is the best egroup!

Beam of the Love Senshi (
Special thanks to Rae for some of the minor details on Minako/Sailor Venus. This is a beautiful site also dedicated to Sailor Venus, very nicely done.

Alpin's Sailor Moon Archives (
Thank you for some of the venus images and most of the movie clips. This site has the most SM movie clips you'll ever find. They've also got tons of Venus images and Sailor Moon images. Highly recommended especially for those in need of images and movie clips.

Venus Perihelion (
Probably better known as Thanks to them for the awesome fanart pictures of sailor venus/minako. They have a wonderful collection, with mild hentai pics. I also use their pics for some of my layouts. Great site!
Thanks to them for some of the pictures in my venus image gallery. They have over 2500+ pictures of all of the sailors, I recommend this site for anyone in need of SM pictures.

Artemisu (
Big thanks to Artemisu for some of the Artemis images :) I no longer had the URL but the webmistress informed me. Thank you so much for allowing TVD to have the images.