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So you want to get in touch with me? Want to send flames, compliments, comments, questions? Here's the place. I'd say i'm most easily reached through e-mail, since i check that quite often. but if you want to IM me and talk to me "live," that's no problem. If you are going to write me an e-mail, please make sure it's not an one-liner, and please be specific as to what you want to say. I've put up a form below for your convenience, so simply fill out the form with whatever it is that you wish to contact me about. Please make sure you've read the FAQ first to see if your question has already been answered, thanks!

All methods of contacting me for all of my websites has been moved to this contact page. Please refer to the link to contact me. In the subject, please specify that your note is regarding Total Venus Destination. Thank you.