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Test out your knowledge of Sailor Venus/Minako here at the quiz section. Get all eight questions right and you will be considered a Venus pro! Good luck!

1. How many times does Sailor Venus use her Crescent Beam Shower attack throughout the entire 5 seasons of SM?
Countless times

2. In the manga, are Minako's hair and eyes still lighter than Usagi's?
Minako's hair was never lighter than Usagi's, even in the anime
Minako's eyes were never lighter than Usagi's, even in the anime

3. Which attack(s) do Sailor Venus use in the manga?
Moon Power
Rolling Heart Vibration
Flower Hurricane
Both A and B

4. Which Amazon Quartet is Sailor Venus's counterpart?
Ves Ves
Palla Palla
Jun Jun
None of the above

5. There was a man whom Minako once loved while fighting in England as Sailor V. What was his name?
None of the above

6. Which 2 amazon trio did Minako juggle on a date with at the same time?
Fisheye and Tigerseye
She never juggled any 2 amazon trios
Tigerseye and Hawkseye
Hawkseye and Fisheye

7. Finish this quote by Minako at a contest in SailorStars: "Everyone's dreams are __________ , my dreams are ___________.
Unique; to make other people's dreams come true
special; as well
she never said this quote
my dreams; everyone's dreams

8. Besides playing Minako in Sailor Moon, Fukami Rica also does:
Nishimura Reika's voice
Rikoukeidar's voice
both A and B
she doesn't do anyone else's voices in SM