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Welcome to the 'Movement' section. Here you'll find numerous animated GIFs including all of Sailor Venus' Henshin phrases as well as her attacks. You'll also find many miscellaneous animations featuring our beloved Minako-chan. Feel free to take any of these, but please link me. If any of these are unfinished or broken, please let me know. Enjoy!

» Henshin Phrases:

» Attacks:

» Miscellaneous:

    Two-timing Minako: Minako two-timing Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye, running back and forth to be with both on the same date.

    Chibi Minako: Cute little Minako singing and dancing along with a program on TV.

    Water Fight: Minako splashing and making waves in the water, from the Stars season.

    Minako: Minako looking with her hair waving in the wind, from the R movie when she had flashbacks of her past.

    Minako Crying: Minako crying after she thought she cut her finger with a knife.

    Introducing: Sailor Venus introducing herself with a series of poses.

» Special/Varied Attacks:

    Special Love Chain: Venus wipes her love chain attack at the fairies, from the SuperS movie.

    Special Crescent Beam: Minako's crescent beam at full power, her revenge for Hawkseye and Tigerseye for playing with her heart.