Entity » The Girl

- Focus: Minako
Who exactly is Aino Minako? The ditzy blond? Find out what her life is like and what her strengths are.

- The Sky's the Limit
Now that you've received a brief overview of her, find out in depth, the silly, bright girl with a huge heart.

- Past Memories
Minako and her past, her reason for leaving England, after giving up her first true love...

- Compare and Contrast
A comparision between the Anime Minako and the Manga Minako, the art, personality, and my personal opinions.

- Love or be Loved
Minako's many loves and those who loved her, but could never have her. Her heart broken many times by one man after another. Is it a curse?

- The Superfeline
Find out all about Artemis, the guardian cat of Sailor Venus.

- Just a Dumb Blond?
Is Minako only a dumb blond like she's often described? A opinionated section clearing up some sterotypes.