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- Incarnation of Goddess Venus
She is the princess of Venus. Find out about her past as the princess of her respective planet and what Artemis thought of her as a senshi at first.

- Spoken Like a True Minako
Looking for some amusing, touching, or the occasional misquotes that Minako/Sailor Venus has made? Check out a collection here.

- Goddess of Love and Beauty (Mythology)
Find out what Sailor Venus and the the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite, have in common.

- Sign and the Meanings

Learn about Minako's astrological sign, Libra, what their personalities are, and how Minako fits these personalities.

- Did you know...
Discover some interesting facts about Sailor Venus that you may not have known before.

- Seiyuu (Voice Actress)
Learn more about the beautiful voice behind Minako: Fukami Rica.

- Counterparts of Venus
See who Sailor Venus's counterparts are throughout the five seasons of SM.